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WE KNOW YOU and the best part is we’ve been there too. There was a time when we also moved to new cities and left our hometowns seeking for new opportunities. Thus we understand, it’s never easy to leave everything behind what belongs to us. We have also felt lost and alienated in noisy cities. That’s why we created ASHRAY – a portal designed by those who have been once in your shoes.

From the mattress selection to the common area accessories, every corner has a sense of belongingness. Before you will say that you are missing your home, Ashray will be your new one because we aim to offer you a superior and better living experience to millennials in our country.

Trust us, not our words as we deliver what we say. It’s our pleasure to invite you to check any of our property and feel the ambience.


Welcome everyone to the Ashray living News & Media Centre, serving you the latest headlines on accommodation and housing facts.

With increasing career opportunities, youngsters are migrating to different cities in search of different jobs or matching education. ASHRAY offers youth a variety of accommodation and housing facility which is suitable for them on a single click of a key. We are a well-managed and an efficient marketplace with proper access to reliable information and also which is simple to transact and comprehend. We take huge efforts to make sure that the piece of information shared on the portal is accurate and authentic so that the user remain empowered and take an informed decision with least confusion and strain on their pocket

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