Best PG Near Kamla Nagar

Best PG Near Kamla Nagar

After much struggle and hard work, finally, when you get admission to Delhi University, it’s a dream come true, isn’t it? But traveling from outside Delhi and leaving all your luxuries at home can be a difficult task, not anymore. Ashray Living gives you the best Girls pg near Kamla Nagar & Boys pg near Kamla Nagar can be your lifesaver and we mean literally it offers you everything from high-speed wifi to the laundry that too at your doorsteps, Ashray Living offers you everything.

For all you lazy boys, Ashray Living is one best Boys' pg near Kamla Nagar. We know exactly where we gain a brownie point that is our affluence gym spaces. Gyming and working out near your house is so important to keep you healthy and fit and what can be better than a gym in your PG.


now we offer you premium Boys pg near Kamla Nagar, don’t miss this chance and take a virtual tour of our PG today!

Luxurious Rooms with all the facilities

You all will be provided with rooms with premium facilities including wi-fi, clothing, food, and so forth. You are being provided with laundry that too at your doorsteps. We try to provide you with all the facilities and make your living easy and fun. Watching out or looking for Girls PG is the hardest task to take care of. It may very well be simpler to discover a few young men's facilities however it is hard to locate a superior convenience for Girls pg near Kamla Nagar.

You need to consider numerous things before you wind up agreeing to a girls pg Paying Guest or Girls Hostel anyplace Nearby in Delhi. However, in the event that you are on the North Campus, you needn't stress. We provide you with safe PG options for Girls pg near Kamla Nagar. 

The Sanitized And Furnished Room PG in Delhi NCR

Your profoundly cleaned room will have all the furnishings and offices you require for an agreeable remain. We accept that your seat shouldn't perform multiple tasks as a garments rack. What's more, your bed isn't intended to be the Study table. You have all the comforts of your home, a press room, a gym, and what can be better. We provide you with food for your late-night cravings. We offer you a Girls pg near Kamla Nagar. 

We realize that for you, cooking is a battle, washing garments is a fight, and tidying up your room is an undeniable war. But we are Boys pg near Kamla Nagar, in your subsequent home, we get them from you while keeping up the best expectations of cleanliness.

We know how much social distancing is important in the new normal life, Girls pg near Kamla Nagar.  Ashray Living has the best food that too both veg and non-veg to serve all your food cravings 24*7. Take pleasure and comfort in our homely cooked food that gives you feel more of a home.

Accommodation for Him

Start with your amazing experience of living in a place that feels more like home. We try to make your stay Luxury.

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Accommodation for Her

Specifically designed move-in rooms that match your living standards and gives you all the comfort of your home.

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The Common Aare With A Distance

From melodic evenings to working it out at the wellness zone, the fun ought to never stop. While we are carefully following social-removing practices in our homes, our locale programs keep on bringing occupants closer. A roommate is a friend for life, staying with you day and night, sharing all the gossip and crying, we try to make you closer. We have press rooms for you all to study together and interact and become more than just friends. Share all the laughter and giggles in Boys pg near Kamla Nagar that is none other than Ashray Living. 

About Us 
Finding a protected, agreeable, moderate PG convenience is surely a tough call but not anymore. Ashray living provides you with a safe Girls pg near Kamla Nagar.  Ashray living is a beguiling legacy property situated in the best regions of North Campus Ridge. It is a rambling PG in the very heart of the University. It is a short distance from Kamla Nagar, the acclaimed shopping territory which is the most loved joint for all the college-goers with its horde diners.

The exceptional highlights of this convenience are for Girls pg near Kamla Nagar that set us apart from the various others are as beneath: A well-ventilated, outfitted rooms total with almirahs, box beds, study tables, seats, coolers/ACs, blinds, and so on. We take care of all your needs and we are the best Boys pg near Kamla Nagar.


We cannot tell about any other PG, but Ashray Living is one PG near Kamla Nagar is the safest, and most trusted pg is Ashray Living. It is a home away from home. It is the best pg for boys and girls. It is located in a safe and secure residential colony. It has biometric entry and CCTV surveillance in all common areas.

Ashray Living is one such PG near Kamla Nagar, which provides all the amenities like fully furnished rooms, healthy meals, AC rooms, biometric security, a well-structured gym, Bluetooth showerhead, and much more. It has dedicated staff, which makes sure that you get all the comfort of your home in style.

We cannot say about any other PG near Kamla Nagar, but Ashray Living is leaving no stone unturned to provide complete hygiene and protection from covid-19. They are regularly sanitizing the pg. The in-house staff is following all the safety measures. Mandatory thermal screening of staff, visitors, and occupants is done.

The one girls PG near Kamla Nagar, which provides a completely safe and comfortable environment is Ashray Living. It is the top priority of students to come to study on the north campus. Kamla Nagar is just walking distance away. You can get everything from a book to a bag there. It has many famous food joints for all your cravings.

There are many boys PG near Kamla Nagar. The one which gives all the amenities within your budget is Ashray Living. It is in a safe and secured environment with biometric entry. The rooms are fully furnished with AC. Healthy meals are served 4 times a day. It also has an inbuilt gym for its residents, so you won’t have to spend money outside.
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