Cost of living in Delhi- The Detailed Guide


Posted on: Oct 04, 2021


Delhi, India's capital, is the country's most multilingual and heterogeneous city in every way. People come to Delhi from all over the world to earn a living or start a company, and the city welcomes them all. Delhi, as the capital city, has all of your basic needs and luxury choices covered.

Whether it's a decent marketplace, high-quality healthcare services, affordable housing choices, high-quality colleges, or employment opportunities, there's something for everyone. All of these criteria for a happy life are met with flying colors in Delhi. The cost of living in Delhi is determined by your lifestyle, as the city offers both budget and ultra-luxury living options. In comparison to other metropolises.

cost of living in delhi

When you move to a new city like Delhi, you'll need to find some good lodging in an area where you can get all of your basic needs met, such as food, transportation, and entertainment. Well, you're in luck because Delhi offers you a variety of choices for creating a pleasant life for yourself. 

5 Factors that determine the cost of living in Delhi


cost of living in delhi

People who enjoy eating at nearby restaurants and shops and fast food outlets would love Delhi. In Delhi, there is a wide range of cuisines to choose from to satisfy your appetite.

The majority of Delhi's neighborhoods have a variety of local eateries where you can get delicious meals at reasonable prices. When you're struggling to make ends meet on a budget, though, nothing beats cooking your food. It is not only safe, but it also saves you a lot of money as compared to eating out.

Another choice is to hire a chef, which can cost anywhere between  500 INR and 2500 INR depending on the number of meals to be cooked. Expenses associated with eating outdoors daily can add up to thousands of dollars.

Transportation : 


DTC buses, Metro lines, Vehicles, Taxi Services, and other modes of transportation are all part of Delhi's extremely effective transportation system. The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) operates a fleet of more than 5000 CNG buses that serve the entire city. In Delhi, DTC buses serve the largest number of commuters. DTC buses are the most cost-effective way to get around the area, though traffic congestion is a problem. Monthly passes are available and prove to be very cost-effective.

The metro lines are the quickest and most convenient and efficient mode of transportation in Delhi. With service extending to Gurgaon and Noida, the Delhi Metro has excellent connectivity. Because of its accessibility and ease of use, the Delhi metro has become a lifeline for the area. Tickets are inexpensive, and purchasing a monthly or annual pass saves even more money.

cost of living in delhi

 If you don't want to fly by crowded public transportation, taxis and autos are also available in Delhi. The easiest way to get around is to take an auto, but be prepared to haggle because most auto-rickshaw drivers refuse to go by the meter. Another c is taxicabs.

Rent for accommodation

 In comparison to other major cities, seeking a place to stay in Delhi is much simpler and less expensive. Delhi offers a wide range of accommodations, from budget to luxury. You can pick a comfortable home for yourself on your budget. You can find a wide range of accommodation in Delhi.

If you're a student or bachelor on a tight budget, PGs in Delhi range from 3000 INR to 4500 INR per month, excluding food. Even a small cozy 1 BHK style of flat will cost you about 6000-7000 INR if you want your security and privacy. In budget areas like Rohini, Uttam Nagar, NCR, and others, a 2 BHK will set you back 9000-14000 INR, while a 3 BHK will set you back 13000-19000 INR.

cost of transportation in delhi

Defense Colony, Greater Kailash, Gulmohar Park, and other luxurious areas offer 1 BHK flats for about 25000-35000INR, while 2 and 3 BHK flats will cost anywhere between 50000 and 95000 INR. Many of your facilities, such as a pool, parking, and a gym, will be included in these luxury dry areas. So, depending on your lifestyle and the amount of money you want to spend on rent, you have a variety of chain ices in Delhi.


The range of rentals changes from place to place in Delhi. People can find luxurious rentals charging you thousands of rupees and normal rents at your pocket budget.

It depends on different parts of the city and where you wanted to live. Location plays a very important role when you find a good home in Delhi. Like the rents for south Delhi will be comparatively higher than another place. It is very important to look after the places you wanted to live in at your convenience.

Size of accommodation:- 

The ranges of rentals slightly vary from the size of accommodations. If you want to have a big house of 3 to 4 BHK, then it will cost you around 20000 to 30000 INR per month. But if you are looking for a good small house then it will cost you around 10000 INR per month. The size of accommodations matters to a great extent when you are looking for a house in Delhi.


There are a huge number of things that affect the cost of living in Delhi. The marketplace is how much far from your place of living. Are all facilities available at your place? Grocery and stores are available nearby. The most important thing is security and privacy. Everyone wanted to feel safe someplace and it is a very important measure when someone looks while finding a house for himself.

5 tips to save money while staying in Delhi

 Rent a 1 BHK apartment:- 

If you wanted to save money and you are living alone or with only one partner, you must rent a 1 BHK apartment in Delhi. It will be in your budget and you can save a lot in a month and use the money for other expenses.

Staying in PG:- 

 If you are thinking of moving to Delhi and looking for a good space you can stay in PG. It saves a lot of money and will give you the same space you are looking for in your place.

Using public transport:-

 If you are staying in Delhi and want to save a huge amount of money, you can save it by using public transport facilities. By not choosing a taxi or cab you can add more money to your savings. At the end of the month, you will be satisfied with your savings.

Don't go to brokers:-

 You can save a lot of money just by giving some time to find your place. It will cost a lot when you go to brokers and they can be very expensive and you have to pay from your pocket. Just wonder a bit around the location, ask local people and take help from the Internet.

Go for street food:- 

 If you are looking for a good restaurant in Delhi and want to have a taste of delicious food. Just go for street food and it will make your day. Choosing a high budget restaurant won't help you in saving money and going for street food will help you in saving money to a great extent.

Cost of owning, renting a property in Delhi 

Since much of Delhi's industry is crowded, there are reselling and renovation units available, as well as affordable alternatives. Similarly, there are numerous rental options throughout the area, allowing you to choose from affordable rental pockets, mid-segment rent, and luxury homes. Owning a property or renting a property in Delhi is quite easy nowadays.

You have several options to choose between. The cost might vary from one choice to another. At Rohini, Dwaraka, Mandi, Krishna Nagar, and many more places like these will cost you around 15000 INR for 1 or 2 BHK. Owning a home can cost you around 40 lakhs INR. And it can slightly differ for different places in Delhi. 

Cost of renting a co-living property in Delhi

Since Delhi is a center for learning and is near to the job regions of Gurgaon and Noida, there is no shortage of young adults and college kids searching for co-living areas in the city. The monthly rent for these co-living properties would range from 4000 INR to 70000 INR. The cost of a hotel room varies depending on the venue and facilities available.

Cost of commuting and transport in Delhi

If you use public transportation, you can expect to pay somewhere between  10 INR and  50 INR per day for a one-way fare. A monthly pass could set you back  3,000 INR. Cab drivers are available 24/7 of the day and based on the route traveled, a local ride will cost around 70 INR to 1000 INR.

Cost of utilities in Delhi

Delhi residents get discounts on utilities like electricity and water. Given the size of the house, the intent of usage, the number of family members, and other factors, monthly energy and other utility costs usually vary between 1,000 INR and 10,000 INR. The monthly cost of the internet is under 1,000 INR.

Cost of household/grocery items in Delhi

In every city, your regular supply of supplies and food products would cost nearly the same, with differences depending on where you purchase it (reselling store or natural brand), the type of consumer goods you choose, your buying behavior, the size of your household, the length of time you spend at home, and so on.

A family must invest around 8,000 INR and 25,000 INR on family supplies each month while working adults and bachelors should invest around 6,000 INR and  18,000 INR each month.

Cost of childcare and education in Delhi

Budget around 5,000 INR and 25,000 INR each month if you have a family with a couple of children. Costs can vary depending on the age and class of your child. There are numerous daycares, schools, and colleges to choose from in the area. The fee structure often varies depending on the standard of education.

Part-time maids/helpers/day-care providers can set you back somewhere around  4,000 INR and 30,000 INR every month to care for your kids.

Cost of leisure/lifestyle amenities in Delhi

In comparison, a meal for 2 persons at a low-cost cafe will cost 300 INR per individual, whereas a meal for 2 persons at a mid-range cafe will cost 1,500 INR each visit. As a result, you may predict your expenses based on the types of cuisines you enjoy or where you visit.

Theatre, movies, hangouts with friends and relatives, weekend parties, shopping at malls, and the cost of exploring the city are all examples of expenses. Hanging out around the city and enjoying weekends can cost you much if you are looking for a good place in Delhi.


Living in Delhi would be a great experience if you are managing your budget properly. As nowadays it has become a learning hub and students from different parts of the country come here and study so finding rents or home is easy here. People have started giving PG and it is pocket-friendly. It helps the bachelors to save money. If you look at the transport facilities in Delhi, we can say it is the best way to choose. It is not only pocket-friendly but a safe option to choose from. You must look for a place where you feel secure and safe. You need to look for different types of places before choosing one house. It will give you a great experience.