Luxurious PG Near Delhi university

Best Luxurious PG Near Delhi university

Leaving your hometown is never easy. For many, it occurs after they complete their high school education and begin their college career. Students travel from all over the country to begin their further education at prestigious schools and institutions, most of which are located in major cities. 

When it comes to Delhi University, the majority of students go for PGs. It's often exciting to move out of your parents' house and into your own space. Weekend parties, no scheduling constraints, and a ball of time are all yours. But in reality, you're always concerned about rent and bills, dealing with tantrums from your maid, and desperately attempting to make that house your own. 

So, whether you're a student or a professional looking to relocate for a new job, study, or explore a new location, the first significant decision you'll make is what type of housing you'll live in. Typically, most people make do with shady PGs or hostels that lack the homey atmosphere and amenities that students and professionals require. 

But what if you could live in a familiar environment far from home?

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Start with your amazing experience of living in a place that feels more like home. We try to make your stay Luxury.

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Accommodation for Her

Specifically designed move-in rooms that match your living standards and gives you all the comfort of your home.

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Luxurious PG Near Delhi University- Ashray living

Ashray Living is a reliable PG accommodation for both boys and girls. We provide you with a safe, secure, and reliable service. Boys' and Girls' PG in the vicinity of your college! 

There are numerous advantages to living at Ashray PG. We understand the anguish of leaving your home, but we don't want you to experience the pain of relocating. Our PG, which is close to Delhi University, provides you with the greatest amenities.

What Makes Ashray Living so different from other PGs

Ashray Living is a premium, luxurious PG and it truly lives up to its description. It's a modern and communal place to live, a home away from home! 

Why choose ashray living near Delhi university as your PG

The PG's infrastructure speaks for itself, with well-defined rooms that may be rented according to one's needs. Single-occupancy and twin-sharing  Fully furnished rooms are the options available at the hostel. This includes laundry and housekeeping services. And that's not all! Our top-notch services and facilities are the ones that distinguish us from any other normal PG. 

Our Core and main Facilities

Affluence Gymnasiums

We believe a healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind. Students, particularly boys, are enthusiastic about going to the gym. Ours is one of the few PGs with a well-equipped gym. 

Doctor on call

Healthcare facilities are easily accessible. Ashray Living's personnel are really attentive and accessible. As part of Ashray Living's commitment to ensuring that residents are not inconvenienced, plumber services are accessible immediately. 

Bluetooth Showerheads

To add to the luxuries, we've got Bluetooth showerheads with top-notch bathrooms. 

Food services

The Ashray living in-house kitchen prepares meals from north and south India and serves the meal four times a day. The kitchen is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to satisfy your midnight cravings. 


Don't you hate it when you're working on a big project and the internet goes down? All residents of Ashray Living have access to high-speed Wi-Fi that can reach speeds of up to 1 Gbps. 

Laundry services

Are you concerned about the pile of dirty garments that has to be washed? Well, don't be! Ashray Living offers a high-quality laundry service that includes ironing and folding.

24×7 CCTV surveillance 

Particularly in today's environment, security is a key worry. For ultimate security, Ashray Living is monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can be found in every Ashray Living entryway and corner.

Study Lounge

The Ashray Living study lounge is ideal for uninterrupted studying. The rooms are designed with children in mind. It gives much-needed peace and quiet. 

Parking spaces

Particularly in a metropolis like Delhi, parking has become a huge concern. Personal parking is also available at Ashray Living for all residents. 

All utility bills

The goal of Ashray Living is to provide you with a luxurious stay that is also comfortable. As a result, all prices are all-inclusive. Simply bring your baggage over and rest easy. 

Face Recognition Entry & Exit

The issue of security is a serious problem. For absolute security and safety, Ashray Living features a Retina biometric entry, which ensures that no one may enter without authorization. 

Power back-Up With AC 24*7

Ashray Living is perfectly equipped with 24/7 power backup with ac to ensure that you are not inconvenienced by a power outage. 

Security Guards 24/7

For complete protection, PGs require continual physical observation. Ashray Living has professional and devoted security guards on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our first aim is to keep you secure. 

Pick & Drop Service For Airport

You do not need to be concerned about how to find us in a new city. All Ashray Living residents can be picked up and dropped off at the airport. 

Co-Operative Management

Ashray Living's team works hard to ensure that you have the best possible home comfort. The team is extremely responsive and accessible.

Housekeeping daily

Unlike other PGs, Ashray Living's cleaning service cleans the room every day. Cleanliness and hygiene are always maintained.

Outdoor Space

The lovely outside space is ideal for unwinding and socializing with friends. Ashray Living features outdoor space for every get-together or party, for early runs or nighttime stroll.

Spectacular opulence in a room

Apart from going to campus, students spend most of their time in their rooms. As a result, Ashray Living's rooms are elegant and come with an attached bathroom. 

So there you have it: the best facilities wrapped up at reasonable costs! We guarantee that you will discover a beautiful home in the PGs of Ashray Living to live, enjoy and make memories. 

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