PG VS FLAT: Which is better?- The Complete Guide


Posted on: Oct 04, 2021



PG VS FLAT: Which is better?- The Complete Guide!

PG saves tons of your initial investment that you can use elsewhere! Why? Let’s delve into the discussion!

Finding appropriate accommodation in a new city or area is definitely a challenging and daunting task. In case you are a youngster, you might not find several options except for renting a PG or flat. Both of them being indispensable options differs to a great extent. You will often notice a significant growth in apartments and flats in urban life. Looking at the growing population in towns and cities, there has been a huge growth in PGs and Flats lately. 

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If seen practically, most of the working professionals and students are single seeking economical options that offer the necessities along with the facilities of food, refrigerator, and TV. While several paying guest accommodations provide each of the basic facilities at a minimal price, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind before opting for any accommodation.

While Flats may offer freedom of movement, great privacy, and space, they may cost you tons at the initial stage. With time, you will have to pay several bills that might make you regret your decision if you are a single individual wanting to reside in a flat. 

This is when many factors come into existence while looking for accommodations. However, when you shift to a new city, you need to have a piece of good knowledge about PGs and Flats. 

Hence, this guide. This guide discusses the advantages, reasons, and factors to choose PG over a flat. 

Without any further ado, let us dive into the brief discussion of PG Vs Flat: Which is Better?

Why is PG the best and for whom?

Paying Guest(PG) is basically an accommodation where a particular guest is provided with a portion of a house while the owner or landlord takes care of all the basic and extra facilities of the guest. 

With this, the guest sticks to that particular house and its premises while enjoying the facilities provided by the landowner. The guest is supposed to utilize the facilities that include a bed, laundry, food, etc. in exchange, the landowner charges a certain amount of cash to the guest for offering accommodation along with amenities. 

PGs are generally ideal for corporates or students who are inclined towards their studies or work more. As a result, they do not have time to manage all the chores. PGs provide food facilities along with cleaning services. Some PGs offer luxurious facilities such as AC, Refrigerator, etc. 

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In addition to it, many times people move to new cities in search of work. There are times when their pockets are empty and they cannot afford luxurious accommodation. These are the times when most of the individuals seeking a job shift to PGs to kickstart their careers. Moreover, many professionals who shift to a new city need space to continue with their job. This is when PGs are best for such individuals. 

Apart from this, PGs are best for students, corporates, or professionals because,

  • It is cost-saving and cheap. People who do not wish to pay for an entire daily household can opt for a PG. 

  • You can get brilliant guidance from the local people to get access to the local networks of that area.

  • Excellent security because of the presence of landowners, neighbors, and other residents of the society. 

Why flat is best and for whom?

A flat can be referred to as such an accommodation that indicates that the entire house is provided to the tenant. Technically and etymology-wise, Flats are certain housing units. These are usually self-contained that are a part of a whole building in which several families reside on each floor. The word “Flat” is derived from the Scottish term, “Flet’ which denotes a floor or story of a building. 

If you are a person who is extremely tossy between choosing a flat or a PG, then you must first jot down your preferences. If you prefer privacy and want more space in your life, you can opt for flats. While you can enjoy a flat with a huge spacious area, you must know that flats are not ideal for individuals. 

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Flats are usually ideal for families who have shifted to a new area or a city. The availability of space, privacy, and peace will best suit families instead of single individuals. Flats are best for families looking for accommodation because,

  • You can experience the comfort

  • Easy socializing in flats.

  • Complete peace and freedom

  • You can decorate your space according to your preference

However, keep in mind that while you have to pay a monthly rent to your landowner, you have to spend some extra bucks on your maintenance, utility bills, food, laundry services, maid, etc. 

Advantages of living in PG

If you require to scale up your thoughts in terms of the benefits that PGs provide, below are a few advantages that you need to look through.

  • High security and safety assurance

Usually, security in metro cities is always a matter of concern. Therefore if you are an individual, it is always best to stay in a PG facility along with other roommates. People in PGs stay together like a family. This is what helps in cases of emergency. However, most of the PGs are situated in residential societies. This is why safety is not a matter of concern. In case you opt for a flat, you need to take care of your security on your terms. 

  • Cost factor:

PGs come with a great advantage in terms of cost. Be it working professionals, or students, paying less in PGs is always a better option than paying tons in individual flats or houses. The best part is, you can even share expenses with your roommates in a PG. However, in a flat, you need to carry out your expenses yourself which is why it is usually preferred by families. Bachelors usually prefer shared accommodation instead of owning a separate accommodation. 

  • Ready to move facilities:

When you opt for whole-house rent, you need to take care of all the other essential household items. However, in a PG, you are provided with a wardrobe, washing machine, bed, refrigerator, clean water, etc. If you go for an individual flat, you are required to purchase all the necessary furniture and pay for utilities. 

  • Maintenance:

To be very precise, professionals who work in metro cities barely have time to do all the household chores. For such instances, renting a PG is always beneficial. The cleaning and maintenance are looked after by the owner of the PG and you do not need to pay any extra charges for it. While in a flat, you will be charged for maintenance, utility bills, etc. In fact, at some places, you are required to take care of your maintenance and still have to pay your flat owner. 

  • Availability of food:

Food is essential. One of the prime concerns of working professionals and students is food. While many have zero knowledge in terms of kitchen, many are concerned about the availability of food in PGs. Generally, PGs have a kitchen where you are allowed to cook yourself or you are provided with a cook. (as per your preference). In cases where you prefer to cook, you will be provided with utensils by your owner. In addition to it, some of the PGs have healthy food services that are included in the overall cost per month. This is an added advantage where you can cut down your cooking and cleaning time. In flats, you will have to take care of the cooking and cleaning yourself. In case you hire a cook, you need to pay them separately which will cost you extra bucks. 

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  • Brokerage:

One of the major concerns for all the young professionals shifting to a new city includes the broker bill. While you need to pay certain amounts to your broker each month when you opt for a flat, you will cut down your broker bills with PGs. PGs have no brokers. However, you may need to invest a one-time small service charge for your police verification while you shift to a new PG for security reasons. 

  • Bills:

While you stay in PGs, you do not need to worry about any of your bills except for your monthly minimal bill that covers your rental payment. Whereas in flats, you need to pay each of your bills yourself without delay to enjoy facilities. 

  • Homelike ambiance:

As most of the PGs accommodate students, the ambiance turns into a family. The atmosphere gives more of a “home-like” vibe to all the residents of the PG. This is another reason why most of the students prefer PGs. The immediate gap after leaving their home often leaves them miserable. PGs bridge the gap thereby giving them a home-like feel. Although there may be a lack of privacy in PGs, you can always look for PGs which offer individual rooms to individual people. 

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  • Save loads of time:

Traffic congestion is a huge problem, especially in big cities. Isn’t it? This is another reason why professionals often prefer staying in places that are close to their workplace. Unfortunately, the properties in high localities are highly expensive and many are unable to afford such residences. In such cases, PGs are a brilliant option. Situated in working areas and offering a temporary residence, it helps the individual to save tons of time in traveling. Moreover, students and professionals can live close to their offices and colleges/universities. 

5 reasons why choose PG over flat

PGs are a vital part of student life. To be more precise, PGs are a necessity when you decide to settle down in another destination for academic purposes or job purposes. 

When seeking reasons to choose PG over flat, here are the top 5 essential reasons that you need to cast on:

  1. PGs are the ultimate definition of peace for students. As the maximum proportion of people opting for PGs include students, they are intended with what they get. In PGs, residents are provided with few of the basic amenities apart from accommodation and shelter.

  2. The atmosphere of PGs is somewhat similar to home. This can be conducive in terms of their studies.

  3. In case you get into any trouble in a new city, be it health concerns, or any other concerns, you can get a lot of help and assistance if you reside in a PG. You can count on your landlord and other members of society to help you come out of trouble.

Bonus: If you are alone in a new city, it is always recommended to stay in a PG.

  1. While you can always go for flats as per your preference, it is good to choose PGs. The rent of PGs is much lower than flats. Moreover, you will obviously not want to spend thousands on your accommodation as soon as you shift to a new location. The benefit here is, you can save tons of money in terms of rent.

  2. In most of the PGs, you will be provided with huge facilities and amenities that include AC, Refrigerator, washing machines, etc. The best part is, you do not need to pay any extra charges to use it. 


With this, we come to the end of this guide. This post aimed to bring out the main differences between a PG and a flat. While residential flats and the PG accommodations both have several advantages and disadvantages to offer, this guide mainly focused on the reason to choose PG over a Flat. While choosing a flat will provide you with a larger and spacious area, you will have to pay inappropriate additional charges for several basic things that can be a burden to you after a while. 

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However, now that you are well aware of the chief benefits of PGs over flats, we hope it will be easier for you to call the shot. Therefore, weigh up your current situation practically with a realistic approach and select the accommodation that best suits your needs. Paying attention to each of the points listed above will definitely help you to go for your ideal option to pounce on!