DU Looks to Open Up Colleges


Posted on: Jan 27, 2021


The world and our lives are no longer the same after covid-19. While the environment healed, the people were caged indoors. Many major lifestyle changes were seen. It has changed the ways people work, learn, or interact. 

Covid-19 pandemic has pushed education online. Delhi University has been closed since March. It started its new semester online and has even taken online examinations. Now, with the final term approaching, officials and educators have been continuously debating whether education should remain online or not. 

Delhi University has now decided that the final year students of science, who needs to use laboratories and take practical classes, may be allowed to return to the college. However, it is on a voluntary basis. The theory classes will continue to be held online. It is also planning to open up all the libraries, so the students can have all the access to reading material. It is planning to open in a phased manner. The students are expected to follow social distancing in colleges. 

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So, the time to return to your college is almost here. Pull up your socks and pack your bags!