Best PG Near Daulat Ram College

Best PG Near Daulat Ram College

Delhi University has the best colleges in India for commerce, arts, and science. With the vast pool of students coming to study here, it offers not only quality education but also great exposure for personality development. It also gives opportunities to participate in paid internships to get exposure to the professional world. It also offers a lot of platforms to show your talent like dance, drama, poetry, etc. with its cultural societies. It has the best teaching staff who is highly qualified. Delhi University is also famous for its cultural festivals which are organized by

different colleges. Famous brands come to perform. It not only gives them an opportunity to show their skills but also gives a refreshing break from the monotonous study. Delhi University has more than 77 colleges. One of the Top girl's colleges on the north campus is Daulat Ram College. Students come to study here from all across the world. The stellar girls don’t just lead in studies but also win many tournaments in sports. For all the star girls who have got the seat in this prestigious college, the next step is to look for a girl's pg near DRC.

best pg near daulat ram college

Which PG is Best Near Daulat Ram College 

Students coming for studies face a common dilemma that is where to stay. Where to stay in Delhi? One has to deal with a number of hassles like going through a thousand accommodations, brokers, traveling costs, and many more. One begins to understand that living close to the campus is better. There are always a number of options available for students like whether to choose a hostel, pg, or a rented flat. Besides college, a student spends maximum time in their room. Thus, choosing the right accommodation is very important. One should always weigh the pros and cons. If you are in two minds, I would suggest that pg is a better option. 
If you are a student of the north campus and looking for a girl's pg near DRC or Boys pg near Daulat ram college, then go for Ashray Living. If you have doubts like will I get the comfort of my home in a Boys pg near Daulat ram college or if staying in a girls pg near DRC safe?, then choose Ashray Living.

best pg near daulat ram college


If You Want a Girls pg near DRC or Boys pg near Daulat ram college?
There are many reasons which make Ashray Living a perfect second home if looking for girls' pg near DRC or Boys pg near Daulat ram college. Some of them are - 

Accommodation for Him

Start with your amazing experience of living in a place that feels more like home. We try to make your stay Luxury.

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Accommodation for Her

Specifically designed move-in rooms that match your living standards and gives you all the comfort of your home.

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best pg near daulat ram college

If you are looking for girls' pg near DRC or Boys pg near Daulat ram college and want to enjoy this luxury and comfort, do book a visit at Ashray Living.
Your search for girls pg near DRC or Boys pg near Daulat ram college ends at Ashray Living.


A Good girls PG near DRC which provides single occupancy is Ashray Living. It is a luxurious pg that gives a premium living experience to all the occupants. Those looking for a single occupancy have to search no more! Ashray Living provides fully furnished single occupancy rooms with all the amenities. It makes sure to give you the space and comfort you need.

Students who relocate from home to study in a city have a hard time finding a good fully furnished pg near Daulat ram college. Finding a pocket-friendly pg that is fully furnished and all the amenities is very rare. That is why maximum students prefer to stay in Ashray Living.

When you google, you can see hundreds of pgs near Daulat ram college. One of the most searched and reasonable Boys PG near Daulat ram college is Ashray Living. It is preferred for its quality services and premium amenities at a reasonable price. The rooms are fully furnished with AC.

One of the most preferred Best Boys PG near Daulat ram college is Ashray Living. It is known to give comfort and security in style and luxury. The pg is designed especially for young minds, so all their needs are taken care of. They provide healthy meals, a fully furnished room, a gym, a common room, wi-fi, a vending machine, and total security with their biometric entry.

Our lives have completely changed since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The only thing in our hands is to take all the necessary precautions. Ashray Living ensures that all the areas are regularly sanitized. The premises of pg has mandatory thermal monitor screening for all the staff, residents, and visitors. The food is prepared following the appropriate WHO standards.

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