Best PG PG Near Hansraj College

Best PG PG Near Hansraj College

Finally, it’s college time again guys – time to move out of your old neighborhood in the quest for the best college life!! Leaving your hometown is never been easy but what if you get to live in a homely atmosphere far away from your home. Ashray living is a trusted PG accommodation available for both boys and girls near Hansraj college. We provide you with safe, secure, and trusted Boys pg near Hansraj College, Girls pg near Hansraj College.
Ashray living PG offers you many benefits. We know you already are in pain of leaving your house but we don’t want you to feel the pain of shifting and staying.

Ashray living comes up with the most convenient and easy to stay  Boys pg near Hansraj College & Girls pg near Hansraj College. Being located near Delhi University, our PG offers you the best amenities.

best pg near hansraj college

Are you looking for a safe stay in Delhi? Now Available Girls pg near Hansraj College

Got admission to Delhi University is a dream come true, isn’t it? Worked so hard in school but are you opting out of Delhi thinking it to be unsafe? We have heard many parents worried about sending their kids away from home, but making a career is important too. Ashray Living PG provides full security and safety for all the students.\

While we have strict rules, but we also offer some additional freedom that you will be glad about. Living in a PG can teach you to figure out how to manage your everyday schedule and to adjust your own and manage your life. Find your suitable stay at Boys pg near Hansraj College, Girls pg near Hansraj College only at Ashray Living.

best pg near hansraj college

Traveling for hours to reach your college? Now no more!

Traffic congestion has become a major problem in Delhi and you don’t wish to spend hours reaching your college. This is why we offer you Girls pg near Hansraj College, Boys pg near Hansraj College. We understand students coming from outside Delhi don't wish to spend fortunes on staying. So Ashray PG offers you a chance to live close to your college. We offer you nearby residence and saves you one hell of a time.

best pg near hansraj college

Accommodation for Him

Start with your amazing experience of living in a place that feels more like home. We try to make your stay Luxury.

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Accommodation for Her

Specifically designed move-in rooms that match your living standards and gives you all the comfort of your home.

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Vanish away your worries and focus on your studies 

We have our own PG staff for support and upkeep of the premises. On the off chance, if the overhead water tank needs fix or the seepage is stopped up, you won't need to take care of it. This is an advantage that you can't appreciate even in your own home. Now available Boys pg near Hansraj College, Girls pg near Hansraj College. Being a renowned PG in North campus, you get a chance to socially interact with different people and talk about one's development, vocation, organizations, and so forth. Such information comes just with offering time to similarly invested individuals.

best pg near hansraj college

Paying Guest Vs Hostel

We often have heard about hostels, come on we all have grown up watching movies and series of students enjoying the fullest in their hostel. College life is one of the most fun and joyful phases of a person’s life. Do you want to spend it living in a hostel where you have multiple restrictions and horrible mess food? Definitely, that’s not our idea of college life

 PGs offer you undeniably more autonomy than hostels. There are some normal guidelines yet there is an adequate degree of freedom as well.

best pg near hansraj college

Why Choose Us? 

Ashray Living gives you the best Boys pg near Hansraj College, Girls pg near Hansraj College. We provide you with all the facilities be it safety, be it food, or be it freedom. Living in a new city is no doubt difficult but a place that you can have homely vibes is what we all crave. Ashray Living is the most trusted and reliable accommodation which saves your time of traveling as well as is budget-friendly.

Now drain off your worries and choose Ashray Living as your staying partner and enjoy all the comforts of your home.

best pg near hansraj college


The Best PG near Hansraj College for both boys and girls is Ashray living. It provides a luxury stay with premium amenities and comforts. It gives biometric entry for total security. Everything is provided for, so you feel at home even when away from home. It is just walking distance away from Hansraj College.

Yes, of course. If you are a student at Delhi University, then Pg near Hansraj College is the best option. Ashray Living is walking distance away from Hansraj College, which saves time and resources on traveling. As the area is dominated by students, everything around is reasonably priced.

Ashray Living is one such Pg near Hansraj College which has all the facilities like CCTV cameras, security guards and biometric entry for total security. Safety is a major concern, especially for parents who have sent their children to other cities. Ashray Living is in a safe residential colony with all the much-needed security.

Yes. Hansraj college students stay in PG as there is a limited number of rooms in the college hostel. Above all, hostels often fail to provide comfort and warmth to your home. Ashray Living is the top choice of students of Hansraj College as it is just walking distance away. It also provides premium stay with luxurious rooms, healthy meals, free Wi-Fi, and security. One can find many like-minded people in Ashray Living having common aspirations and goals.

We cannot tell about the safety of PG’s but Ashray Living, a PG near Hansraj College is safe for boys and girls. It is located in a safe residential area near Hansraj College. It has 24X7 CCTV surveillance, security guard, and biometric entry for total safety.
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