Are You Feeling Lost In A New City?


Posted on: Oct 04, 2021


A man’s castle is his home. He is most comfortable in his house. However, sometimes we have to leave that comfort and move to a new city. We may have to move for various reasons like a new job or for higher studies. Moving to a new city can be exciting and stressful at the same time. People, places, weather, and food everything is new. Adjustment is difficult especially for students, who step out of their homes for the first time. Thousands of students move to Delhi to study at Delhi University. 

To Help You Out, We Are Sharing A Few Tips To Make You Feel At Home In A New City. 

  • Move To A Home Away from Home:- The first thing to do when moving to a new city is to look for a place that feels like home. Most people prefer pg because a good pg gives comfort to your home with safety and all the amenities. That is why most of the students choose Ashray Living when looking for girls pg near Law faculty or boys pg near Hindu College in Delhi. 

  • Explore The City:- You can’t know the city until you step out. So, check out the restaurants, museums, or just go for a long walk. Book a local city sightseeing tour and get to know the city and its history better.

  • Sign UP For A-Class:- The best way to pursue your interest and meet new people in the city is to sign up for a class of your interest. You can join a dance class, learning a new language, a cooking class, join a book club or a sports club. It is a great way to learning a new skill and make new friends!

  • Try the local food:- One of the best ways to accept the city is by accepting its local food. Go out and try the street food of the city and enjoy new flavours.

These things will make you feel comfortable in a new city or you can just move into Ashray Living! 

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