The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right PG in Delhi: What to Look For


Posted on: Feb 08, 2024


The demand for quality accommodation, especially PG facilities, has surged as students and professionals flock to the capital. PG accommodations in Delhi efficiently bridge this demand gap with shared living spaces and essential amenities, offering a welcoming space for newcomers to establish themselves in the city's vibrant landscape.

Choosing the right PG in Delhi is crucial for a comfortable living experience. Factors such as location, amenities, safety, and budget are essential considerations. Ashray Living guides readers in navigating Delhi's bustling PG accommodation market. Understanding individuals ensures a seamless transition to life in the capital city aligned with educational and professional pursuits.

Understanding Your Needs

Are you embarking on the quest for the perfect PG in Delhi? Fret not, Ashray Living to your rescue involves a thoughtful examination of your unique needs and financial considerations. 

Identifying Personal Preferences

Understanding average costs and potential hidden charges ensures a budget-friendly arrangement for PG in Delhi. And, that’s why identifying the right PG in Delhi plays a crucial role.

  1. Pick The Right Location with Safety:

  • Proximity to Educational Institution or Workplace: Evaluate PG's proximity to your institution or workplace. 

  • Neighbourhood Safety: Do look for features such as well-lit streets, security measures, and the presence of emergency services.

  1. Type of Accommodation:

  • Single-Gender or Co-ed Living: Evaluate whether you prefer the privacy and focus of single-gender accommodations or the diversity of co-ed living.

  1. Lifestyle Preferences:

  • Study/Work Habits: If you need a quiet environment for concentration, you might lean towards accommodations with private or semi-private spaces.

Budget Considerations

  1. Average Costs:

  • Research Different Locations: Research average PG costs in different Delhi areas. Prices vary based on demand, facilities, and living standards.

  • Facilities Impacting Cost: Accommodations with added services like Wi-Fi, laundry, or meals may raise rents and impact costs.

  1. Hidden Charges to Be Aware Of:

  • Check Included Services: Review the agreement for hidden charges such as  internet and maintenance.

  • Check Security Deposit and Refund Policy: Understand security deposit requirements and refund conditions for clear communication.


Location and Accessibility

Selecting the right location for your PG in Delhi is a critical decision that can significantly impact your daily life. Let’s now check into proximity, connectivity and safety.

Proximity to Educational Institutions & Workplaces

  1. Evaluate Distance:

  • Consider the actual distance and commuting time between the PG in Delhi. 

  1. Research Nearby Educational Hubs or Offices:

  • Check if educational institutes or corporate companies may foster an academic or work culture respectively. 

Connectivity with Public Transport and Amenities

  1. Public Transport Accessibility:

  • Check public transport such as buses, metro stations, or local shuttles from the PG location.

  1. Close Enough to Markets:

  • Consider the distance to local markets and grocery stores.

  • A nearby market facilitates convenient shopping, saving both time and effort.

  1. Access to Hospitals:

  • Check medical facilities, clinics, and hospitals to ensure access to healthcare services in case of emergencies.

  1. Entertainment Zones:

  • Explore the availability of nearby entertainment zones or parks for leisure and relaxation.

Safety and Neighbourhood

  1. Research Crime Rates:

  • Research the crime rates in the neighbourhood, utilizing local crime statistics and community feedback.

  1. General Safety for Residents:

  • Observe security measures in the neighbourhood, such as well-lit streets, surveillance cameras, and guarded entrances.


Amenities and Facilities

Basic Amenities

1. Furnished Rooms:

  • Detailed Examination: Check the condition of the bed, mattress, study desk, chair, and wardrobe. 

  • Personalization: Inquire whether residents can bring additional furniture or decorations.

  • Maintenance Procedures: Understand the process for reporting and addressing issues with the provided furniture.

2. Bathrooms:

  • Cleanliness Standards: Ascertain the cleanliness of the bathrooms.

  • Shared vs. Private Options: Consider the pros and cons of bathroom facilities.

3. Water Supply:

  • Source of Water: Understand whether water is from municipal supply, borewell, or other sources.

  • Water Storage: Verify the availability of sufficient water storage facilities, especially during times of water scarcity.

4. Electricity Backup:

  • Type of Backup: Inquire about the type of power backup systems.

  • Capacity and Duration: Understand backup systems and the expected duration of power supply during outages.

Food and Dietary Preferences

5. Meal Plans:

  • Customization Options: Inquire about meal plans such as dietary preferences, allergies, or cultural considerations.

  • Additional Charges: Inquire about any additional charges for special dietary requests or changes to the default meal plans.

6. Enquire About Kitchen Access:

  • Rules and Regulations: Understand rules on usage, cleanliness, and shared responsibilities.

  • Shared Resources: Inquire about the availability of shared utensils, cookware, and storage space in the communal kitchen.

Additional Facilities

7. Wi-Fi Access:

  • Speed and Reliability: Test the Wi-Fi speed and reliability in various areas of the premises to ensure consistent connectivity.

  • Technical Support: Inquire about the availability of technical support or help desk for addressing internet-related issues.

  • Additional Costs: Clarify whether Wi-Fi is included in the rent or if there are additional charges for internet services.

8. Laundry Services:

  • Cost Structure: Understand if the laundry services are included in the rent or billed separately.

  • Personal Laundry: If residents have access to personal laundry facilities, review the guidelines for usage and maintenance.


Security Measures

Importance of Security in PG Accommodations

Stringent access control, surveillance systems, and secure entry points are essential. A secure PG in Delhi allows residents to focus on their studies or work without safety worries. 

Key Features to Look For

1. Installation of CCTV Cameras: Ensure that CCTV cameras cover entrances, hallways, common areas, and parking lots.

2. Biometric Access: Evaluate the efficiency and reliability of biometric access systems to ensure swift and secure entry.

3. 24/7 Security Personnel: Check 24/7 security personnel, including monitoring, patrolling, and emergency response.

4. Emergency Protocols: Check emergency response protocols in place and how residents can collaborate with security personnel during crises.


Rules and Regulations

Understanding the rules and regulations of your PG in Delhi is crucial. Check out what rules and regulations you must follow before making the final call. 

1. Visitation Rules:

  • Hours of Visitation: Ask about the designated hours during which visitors are allowed. 

  • Visitor Policies: Inquire about any specific policies regarding the duration and frequency of guest visits.

2. Alcohol/Smoking Policies:

  • Alcohol Consumption: Be aware of the PG's stance on alcohol consumption within the premises. 

  • Smoking Areas: Inquire about designated smoking areas and policies related to smoking inside living spaces.

  • Consequences for Violation: Understand the penalties for violating alcohol and smoking policies to avoid any misunderstandings.

Importance of Reading and Agreeing to Terms & Conditions:

  1. Legal Implications: Emphasize legal implications and binding contract with PG management.

  2. Clarity on Policies: Read the terms and conditions to avoid potential conflicts or disputes in the future.

  3. Rights and Responsibilities: Familiarize yourself with your rights and responsibilities as a resident, as outlined in the terms and conditions.


Financial Aspects

Detailed Look into Rental Agreements

1. Deposit Amount: Clarify the amount required as a security deposit before moving in. 

2. Monthly Rent:

  • Fixed Rent vs. Variable Costs: Determine whether the monthly rent is fixed or if there are additional variable costs.

  • Rent Payment Dates: Establish the due dates for rent payments and any grace periods.

3. Inclusion of Utility Bills: Identify which utility bills are included in the rent (e.g., water, electricity, internet). 

Discussion on the Transparency of Financial Dealings and Avoiding Scams

  • Receipts and Documentation: Emphasize the importance of receiving receipts for all payments made.

  • Avoiding Cash Transactions: Discourage cash transactions and encourage the use of electronic payment methods for transparency.

  • Researching PG Reputation: Research the reputation of the PG online to identify any scams or financial irregularities. 


Reviews and Recommendations For PG in Delhi 

Importance of Checking Reviews and Ratings

When finding PG in Delhi, reviews and ratings play a pivotal role in providing insights into the living experience. Consider key factors when checking online platforms.

  1. Authenticity and Consistency:  Cross-check reviews on Google, Facebook, or specialized PG websites.

  2. Amenities and Facilities: Look for amenities and facilities for insights.

  3. Community Atmosphere: Explore reviews discussing the social atmosphere and community dynamics within the PG.

To gather genuine feedback for choosing a PG in Delhi

  1. Engage on Social Media: Check on social media platforms for specific PGs in Delhi. 

  2. Direct Interaction with Residents: Visit the PG if possible and interact directly with residents.

  3. Look for Specific Details in Reviews: Pay attention to reviews mentioning management's response time and the condition of amenities.

  4. Evaluate Consistency in Feedback: Focus on consistent themes across multiple reviews, reflecting shared experiences.

  5. Understand Specific Concerns: Analyze reviews with detailed concerns for a clearer understanding.

  6. Ask for Recommendations: When engaging with residents, inquire if they would recommend the PG to others.


The Contract and Agreement

Entering into a written contract/agreement with your PG in Delhi is a crucial step that establishes the terms and conditions governing your stay.

Importance of a Written Contract:

  • A crucial step for establishing terms and conditions with a PG in Delhi.

  • A legally binding document outlining rights and obligations.

  • Importance in providing legal clarity and protection.

  • Avoids misunderstandings and reduces disputes.

  • Facilitates clear communication and serves as a reference document.

  • Set expectations for both resident and PG management.

  • Key elements: rental period, termination policy, rent escalation, security deposit, rules, utilities, guest policy, maintenance, alterations, and dispute resolution.

Visiting the PG Before Finalizing:

  1. Schedule a Prior Appointment

  2. Bring a Checklist

  3. Ask Questions:

  4. Explore Common Areas:

  5. Inspect the Room:

  6. Evaluate Amenities:

  7. Security Measures:

  8. Interact with Current Residents

Checklist During the Visit:

  • Assess cleanliness in common areas and rooms.

  • Evaluate provided furniture quality and condition.

  • Test the functionality of applicable appliances.

  • Inquire about laundry services' efficiency and turnaround time.

  • Confirm CCTV camera placement.

  • Interact with on-site security if possible.

  • Ask about specific rules, visitation hours, and policies.

  • Clarify costs, including rent, deposit, and additional charges.

  • Inquire about the documentation process and ensure receipts.

  • Pay attention to noise levels and overall atmosphere.

  • Assess overall comfort and accessibility, including ventilation and natural light.


Selecting the right PG in Delhi requires thorough research, including online reviews and on-site assessments. Check cleanliness, engage with residents, and scrutinize rental agreements for clarity. Financial aspects, security measures, and avoiding hasty decisions are crucial. Invest time wisely for a living experience aligned with personal preferences and budget in dynamic Delhi.